AMBI's Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino: Changing the World, One Film at a Time

AMBI's Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino: Changing the World, One Film at a Time

Health benefits

In 2005, Monika Bacardi ('s husband died. He had run the Bacardi business for forty years. Since then, Monika has proved to have a remarkable business talent. Hailing from Italy, the "Lady of Bayfield Hall" (most often referred to as Lady Bacardi, or just Monika or, recently, "The Queen of Charity") has become quite a personality in modern cinematic circles throughout the Continent and the United States. "Fondation AVEC", "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association) and the Monaco Red Cross are just some of the charities that she backs, along with carrying out oceanographic research and becoming engaged in a number of other philanthropic activities. Monika Bacardi is regarded as being one of the most influential businesswomen in the Arts world. Being fluent in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish is obviously of considerable benefit to her.

Monika Bacardi - Her Personal Life

Monika Bacardi and Lord Luis Bacardi (the Lord of Bayfield Hall - a descendant of the originator of the Bacardi Company) had a daughter together after they married. She thinks that one should endeavour to work with a happy face and should try to stay happy. A profound sensitivity to ecological and social issues in her life are things that she likes to voice. Monika Bacardi really loves her work and, because of this, work is also a huge part of her personal life.

The Passions of Monika Bacardi: Art and 7th Art

l'Opera de Monte Carlo has been helped by Amis de l'Opera (an organisation that Monika Bacardi has contributed greatly to) for over thirty years. Monika Bacardi values the works of numerous artists and photographers, which explains her love of contemporary art and photography. "The Seventh Art" (Cinema) is one of her loves. This, along with a desire to help young filmmakers, is one of the justifications for her having formed AMBI Pictures.

Monika Bacardi & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

Monika Bacardi has participated in multiple projects with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Through the foundation, Lady Bacardi heightens understanding of the results of people's pursuits on the natural environment. Monika Bacardi is associated with the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation and she is also extremely involved in other cultural and humanitarian programs in Monaco.

Monika Bacardi has always had consideration for her fellow people, which fuels her benevolent pursuits. Learning assistance for children who are in need is given by Mission Enfance. Monika ardently stands by this charity. Assisting a great number of community charity organisations, she helps in raising money to support causes pertaining to social matters that are important to her. Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research is a cancer-related charity that Monika Bacardi backs, as well as Fondation AVEC and Ecoute Cancer R├ęconfort.

Monika's Biography, Passions and Personal History

Thanks to her desire to help others, Monika Bacardi takes part in many charitable organisations. She co-founded the AMBI group in 2013, due to her love of cinema. The AMBI group is a cinematographic company headquartered in Europe. She previously lived in Italy. Having found a deep passion for philanthropy and art, she studied literature and arts there. Monika Bacardi resides in Monaco, where she has been for more than twenty years.