INNOVEOX gets Charles Rosier as new Partner and TOTAL EP as first client - : Africa news, Maghreb news - The african daily newspaper

Innoveox gets charles rosier as new partner and total ep as first client - : africa news, maghreb news - the african daily newspaper

Effective communication

BTG Pactual has been trusted in international markets for more than 30 years and has 2,500 employees throughout Latin America. As an excellent investment banker, he has remained in the market for 15 years now. Charles Rosier (Se rendre sur la page’s appointment at Lehman Brothers in the year 1996 was his first step towards his future. He became the manager of their Debt Capital Market Division at UBS Warburg in the year 1997. charles rosier managed the French-speaking markets of France, Belgium, as well as Quebec.

Charles Rosier's Environmental Projects

Charles Rosier has done a lot for the environment and helped with the growth of energy and power markets in poor countries. Innoveox spreads awareness about the effective purpose of resources and has established many pollution-free-environment programmes in order to decrease carbon footprints and carbon emissions. Charles Rosier is a partner at a French firm (Innoveox) that envisions an environment that is free from pollution.

Being one of his huge healthcare projects, Charles Rosier invested in Mapreg, a pharmaceutical company led by Professor Etienne Baulieu. He funded the drug project to help find a cure for strokes that can lead to spinal cord injury. The investment by him allowed them to do certain research and, because of that, he was given a specific profit-share. Charles Rosier’s first healthcare project was the Mapreg Drug project.

His Passion for Music and Culture

In 2006, Charles Rosier promoted a Silver Lion-winning film prior to its production release, and he helped a French musician with her debut album in 2012. Multiple charitable and cultural activities are supported by Charles Rosier. This explains the support he gave for a popular French singer and a great Silver Lion-winning movie. His support for a famous French female performer was a wonderful example of his passion for culture and music.